Concrete Polishing Solutions Launches G-120 Multi

Concrete Polishing Solutions Launches G-120 Multi

Feedback received from customers at WOC on Edger inspired change

Norris, TN, March 5, 2009: During the debut launch of the “Edger” at World of Concrete 2009, CPS customers were overwhelmed by the multiple capabilities the machine displayed. In response to customer feedback, CPS is reintroducing the “Edger” as the G-120 Multi to better characterize its adaptability and has made a few adjustments to meet customer demands.

The G-120 Multi has been designed with flexibility in mind.  The machine features a powerful 3hp motor and 116lbs of grinding pressure at the head to aggressively remove any floor coating, and can also polish the concrete to a highly reflective shine.  Retaining its ‘Edger’ adeptness, the Multi can reach within 1/32” of the wall, and reaches under low overhangs to eliminate the need for any contractor to do hand-tooling again.  

John Heidmann, Sales Manager of CPS, claims it was the customer’s feedback that inspired the revamp of the “Edger” as the ‘Multi’.  Changes include a revised frame style, and improved aluminum motor and head.

“We take our customers feedback seriously.  They [CPS Customers] wanted a small grinding and polishing machine, with the ability to do edge grinding, and we’ve given it to them.”  

The G-120 Multi uses the same tooling as CPS’ regular grinders for added convenience.  To see a demonstration of this exciting new design or to learn more about this innovative technology, please call 1-877-472-8200.

About CPS:

Concrete Polishing Solutions (CPS) produces and sells superior surface prep, grinding, polishing, and maintenance systems for concrete, terrazzo, and natural stone. By continually delivering innovative products servicing the polished concrete and flooring industry, CPS reaffirms their position as one of the world leaders in the market.

Contact:      Jeff Noblin, General Manager
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