Fix Cracked Concrete With Concrete Overlays

The untNight Club Floorhinkable has happened!  After all your hard work, cracks are starting to appear in your patio, interior floor or concrete driveway.  While some cracks are to be expected, when they become unsightly or unsafe it is time to repair them.  You can totally replace your concrete (which can be expensive) or, in most cases, you can apply a concrete overlay.

A concrete overlay is a thin layer, or top coat, placed on top of an existing concrete surface to repair and improve the look of your driveway, patio or interior floor.  It is usually a simple mixture of cement and sand mixed with a polymer for bonding and durability purposes.  There are several decorative overlays available that will not only repair your concrete but can completely change the look of your space.

  • Stamped patterns mimic slate, granite, brick and other natural materials.  These patterns are literally stamped into the overlay and, with added texture and grout lines, look unbelievably realistic.
  • Stain for concrete comes in many different colors allowing you to change the look of an existing floor or cover up cracks and imperfections. With concrete stains it is also possible to add a design or motif to the floor or completely change the color of a countertop.
  • Spray on texture overlay is available for driveways, pool areas, sidewalks and any spot where the safety of a non-skid surface is necessary.
  • Skim coats are a very thin coat of cement applied to an existing concrete surface.  They will bring new life to a drab and gray patio or repair small cracks and other imperfections in a sidewalk or driveway.  Texture can be added through the use of a trowel or broom, for example, or it can be as smooth as glass.
  • Self-leveling overlays are the newest addition to the concrete overlay family.  These overlays will literally level out a concrete floor and repair surfaces that have become damaged or pitted.  It is also possible to add color to these overlays for decorative purposes and/or to mask small cracks or old and dull concrete.