Concrete Flooring Types

Once created solely for outdoor use, decorative concrete floors have quickly, and exquisitely, become the interior floor décor of choice amongst home owners from coast to coast. Due to their solid nature, numerous design concepts and practical applications, property values increase dramatically after indoor decorative concrete flooring is applied, usually spurning homeowners to also apply designs to exterior concrete areas.

From floral motifs, to intricately placed squares, this interior flooring concept offers versatility like no other floor material around.  Enhancing the aesthetic presence of your kitchen, living room or hallways, concrete decorative floors come in numerous stunning styles, methods and color options.

  • Stamped Concrete Floors

By adding various textures and color to concrete, construction professionals can emulate stone looking surfaces, yet can also mimic cobblestone, brick or even slate flooring with ease.  Stamped decorative concrete consists of stamping patterns into a mold while concrete remains in a plastic state.  Various color hardeners or ‘dry shakes’ are added to make the concrete illuminate whichever color is chosen by the homeowner, while various patterns can be ‘stamped’ into the concrete before hardening.  Most common applications for stamped concrete floors include driveways, patios and pool areas.

  • Acid Stain

Utilizing carefully mixed mineral salt, water and muriatic acid, concrete floors can be finished to look like stained furniture, even marble countertops! Taking 1-4 hours to fully process to satisfaction, chemical reactivity between the three base components causes the acidic look.  Commonly used acids to propagate various color combinations include hydrochloric acid, sodium bicarbonate and even iron chloride, providing a rough color saturation between 1/16 and 1/32 of an inch.

  • Polished Concrete

Another method commonly used to bring dull concrete to life involves diamond or mechanical grinding which knocks the gritty surface down to a polished state.  Many decorative concrete floors use this method and, depending on whether hardeners were applied before grinding, can maintain between 800-3000 grit shine.

Numerous different applications, locations and endless possibilities make decorative concrete floors perhaps the most intricate approach to personalizing one’s home, both exterior and interior.  Read through our extensive library of tutorials, practical advice and where you can find this excellent home décor concept near you.  Remember, elaborately decorated flooring can:

  • Increase home’s value considerably
  • Offers an easier to maintain indoor flooring schema
  • Completely concealable should the next home owner prefer carpeted floors instead
  • Perfect for accenting various furniture pieces along with walls

We look forward to sharing our Concrete IDEAS with homeowners across the country.

Places You’ll Find Concrete Floors:

  • Retail Store Concrete Floors
  • Restaurant Concrete Floors
  • School Concrete Floors
  • Car Dealer Concrete Floors
  • Hair Salon Floors