Which Concrete Flooring Texture Is Right?

One of the reasons that so many people today really love concrete flooring is the vast range of options and styles available with it. These options, combined with a good price, are making homeowners sit up and take notice. Many in the Annapolis area who are looking for ways to renovate their home are actually looking at the styles that working with concrete can offer, and one of the things they will eventually have to consider is the type of texture they will want.

Concrete specialists can provide plenty of examples and images of different styles and options when you are trying to make your decision and you can find plenty of them online. It helps to have a bit of knowledge behind the offerings, though, so you can tell what you are looking at and to help you make an informed decision.

Why Does the Texture Matter?

Texture matters for a number of reasons. First, it can help to ensure that the flooring has more or less slip resistance, as needed. This can be very important around pool areas and walkways. The last thing you need is for these areas to be overly slippery when wet. It is possible to change the texture during the pour of the concrete, as well as after, thanks to resurfacing.

Additionally, the texture can be important when it comes to the look of the concrete flooring. Let’s look at some of the most popular texture options in use with flooring today to see which one might be a good choice for your property.


As you would imagine, this type of concrete has a nice sheen to it, and it is useful for replicating the look of stone, such as marble. This smooth concrete has a wonderful appearance, and it can work well with various colors and stains to provide a nice and shiny floor inside and outside.

Stamped and Patterned

Patterned concrete features textured patterns stamped into the poured concrete before it has a chance to set. It is possible to create a variety of different looks and styles with this type of texturing technique. It is useful for reducing how slippery a surface might be while still adding a nice decorative element.


Etching is another popular option, and it allows the owner to have all manner of intricate patterns and designs in their concrete. Anything they imagine could conceivably be a part of their concrete flooring.

Classic Texture (as in the featured image)

As the name implies, this is a classic way of texturing concrete.  developed by Sundek many years ago, this surface texture has many advantages, including slip resistance, timeless design, customizable coloration and fairly cost effective when compared to other finishes.

Any of these could be a good option for homeowners in the Annapolis area to consider using.