Concrete vs Granite Countertops

Granite vs. Concrete
There’s no denying the two hottest surfaces in terms of counter toppers are granite – exuding affluence and elegance – and concrete, which represents a more eccentric and customized feel. Years ago granite was only in select homes and select places. It was entirely unique. Over time, though, granite became more of a commodity. So now, if you see one type of granite somewhere, more than likely, you’ll see the same piece elsewhere.

On the other hand, a concrete countertop could never be duplicated. Why? Because each craftsman has his own technique and style, so while you might have an idea in your head of what you want, two different craftsmen will present you with two unique looks.

Which Should You Choose?
If the pro of concrete is self-expression, the con would be the time it takes to achieve it. With granite, you can pick out a slab today and have it installed next week. There’s not much to think about — you select something pretty, have a couple guys put it in place and viola!

Concrete projects require more time, more love and more patience per square foot than any other substance. If you want to stay current with today’s hottest design trends, though, concrete is the way you want to go. If this is the route you choose, you will need to implement a design process. Selecting shapes and colors is the first step. Then, samples are made to make sure the textures and hues are what you envisioned. After the mold is made and the concrete mix is poured, a 3-4-week time frame is optimal for the hardening process. High strength is reached in 10 days, but it truly reaches full strength in 28. And you know what they say about good things coming to those who wait….