Concrete Comes Indoors: Options in Concrete Countertops

Countertops in the kitchen and bath have evolved from basic colors and styles in laminate to a plethora of materials and designs. Today, it is not unusual to see kitchens adorned in hard surfaces like Corian, granite and concrete.  But what about concrete? Does the Flinstone’s house in Bedrock come to mind? Forget that prehistoric image because new trends in concrete are deliciously upscale and beautiful. Check out these options in concrete countertops that will have you seeing this material in a whole new light.

Choices Galore

One of the biggest reasons that concrete is making its way into many high end decorating schemes today is because of the huge array of colors and designs available in this material. Concrete allows homeowners to have countertops built to their specific desires, from the color of the surface to the customized curves and angles. Concrete can be dyed in just about any hue, and the subtle variations from countertop to countertop simply add to the unique beauty of this material. In addition to color choices, concrete countertops have the flexibility to be cut in about any shape and size, so you can find the perfect countertop for your individual needs. Even the edges of these surfaces come with a wide selection, from rounded edges to the lovely beveling the many Corian and granite countertops also sport today.

Additional Aggregates

Another advantage to concrete countertops is that you can work other materials into the surface. Concrete can look breathtaking with brilliant pieces of colored glass, tiles or stones incorporated into the countertops. You can even choose to use broken pieces of Grandma’s china or other special mementos to make your countertops a truly personalized feature of your kitchen. Some homeowners have found they can incorporate fiber optic lighting into the surface for an unexpected component. It is also very easy to add built in features like cutting boards, sinks and trivets to make your kitchen as functional as possible.

Not Just for the Urban at Heart

If visions of concrete countertops have you thinking urban modern décor, think again. You can create a warm, inviting ambiance with concrete countertops that will work with just about any decorating style. Traditional décor will look lovely with concrete countertops in a warm hue of russet or mustard, while soft blue can round out a country kitchen with style. You can even incorporate classic black or soft cream, perhaps with a few seashells worked into the surface for an airy, outdoor feel. A southwest theme can use cobalt blue countertops with pieces of Mexican tile scattered throughout the surface. The choices and styles in concrete countertops are nearly unlimited.

Concrete countertops are relatively easy to care for and will last a lifetime if they are installed and maintained properly. Couple the durability and practicality with a wealth of styles, colors and designs, and it is easy to see why concrete has come to the forefront in home décor. Concrete is the new surface material of choice for many homes today, inside and out.

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