How Much For Concrete Countertops

What is the price or cost of concrete countertops?
So you’re in the market for new countertops?  But you don’t want the typical corian or marble that seem so average and ordinary. Concrete is a real option for countertops.  It has the strength of stone and the customization of wood or putty- Here is a general guideline and comparison chart for all types of countertops and prices:


Best for originality.  It can be custom colored tinted, shaped and can include custom insets and accessories, can be repaired and refinished.
sharp corners can chip, and finish is reliant on the craftsman manufacturers abilities.

Price $80 to $220 per sq. ft., installed.


Best for durability, natural appeal, toughness of real stone.
it must be sealed and maintained regularly. Samples are not always exaclty like the final product.
Sold at local countertop fabricators.

Price $55 to $200 per sq. ft., installed, rare stone is expensive.


Best for small kitchens and tight budgets. Lots of colors and patterns. Easy to install.
it could crack or chips under impact. Grout may stain, and tough to keep clean.
Tile from your local dealer.

Price $10 to $80 per sq. ft., installed.


Best for a commercial industrial kitchen look. Heat and stain resistance are a plus.
it dents, scratches and shows fingerprints.  Tough to clean and make it look new.
John Boos, Elkay, local fabricators.

Price $125 to $180 per sq. ft., installed.


Best for low budget performance. Attempts to mimic high-end counter materials.
it scratches easilty, can’t be repaired and shows seams.
Formica, Nevamar, Wilsonart.

Price $15 to $28 per sq. ft., installed.


Best for versatility, because of so many colors. is Seamless.  Easy to repairs small scratched and nicks.
it cuts and abrades easily. Cost can equal granite, looks plastic and artificial.
Corian, Gibraltar, Staron.

Price $45 to $95 per sq. ft., installed.


Best for counters chop blocks and islands. Easy to install and repair like wood.
it cuts, scratches, and dings easily, also need regular oiling and refinishing.
John Boos, local fabricators.

Price $55 to $90 per sq. ft., installed.


Cost of Concrete Countertops

The Cost of Concrete Countertops in Residential and Commercial Applications
Because concrete countertops are custom-made, they typically run much higher than traditional laminate or tile products. However, they are comparatively priced with other countertop materials including natural stone like marble and granite. The cost of concrete countertops is typically within reason, and is widely accepted in architectural designs. They can be crafted in a variety of styles, shapes, colors and textures to suit the aesthetic taste of a commercial or residential property.

Generally speaking, concrete countertop is a quality handcrafted product. The actual costs involved in concrete countertop manufacturing are not usually based on the amount of concrete that is used. Instead, the costs of concrete countertops involve the artisan’s creativity, and the amount of time and energy required to create the unique design and special detail, along with the expenses of transportation and professional installation.

The Standard Costs
Typically, architects and countertop fabricators generally design concrete countertops at a depth of 1.5” thick. Based on that number, the average price per square foot typically ranges between $65 and $145. This price falls right in line with traditional countertop materials that include natural stone, granite, marble, and composites.

The Cost of Installation
The installation costs vary greatly. Some manufacturers choose to fabricate their concrete countertops in a shop, where the environment can be completely controlled. This allows for the maintaining of the proper temperature (usually between 70°F and 80°F) along with humidity levels. It also allows the fabricator to control the amount of time required for curing the countertop.

Alternatively, some fabricators choose to create the concrete countertops on-site, minimizing the amount of effort required to lift the product and install it in place. Whichever type of process is used in the fabrication of the concrete countertop, the cost of installation typically ranges between $35 and $55 for every hour required.

Transportation Costs
The cost for transporting the concrete countertop from the factory or shop to the residential or commercial property varies greatly. The amount involved usually is highly dependent on whether the countertop was fabricated on-site, built in a shop, or manufactured in a factory. The only way to be assured of the exact costs involved in transporting the product is to discuss it in detail with the hired contractor.

Additional Costs
There can be additional costs involved in the creation, transportation and installation of a concrete countertop. These include adding curved and irregular shapes into its overall design. In addition, a higher cost of the product can be a result of a deeper thickness of the product, from 1 ½” thick, to 2” or higher.

In addition, incorporating soap dishes and drainage boards along with embedded components including trivets and decorative features can significantly increase the price of a concrete countertop. So can customize the edges, and installed backsplashes.

Even though the cost of concrete countertops is comparative to other natural products, there is a certain durability and strength in concrete that is unmatched. For any commercial or residential property looking for a long-term solution, there is nothing better than the installation of concrete countertops.

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