Concrete Furniture for Stability and … Beauty?

When a homeowner begins shopping for furnishings for the home, concrete is rarely the material that comes to mind. However, many artisans have learned how to transform this dull, grey material into beautiful, handcrafted tables, chairs and accent pieces. There are many benefits to using concrete to create unique furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. Check out the many reasons concrete is becoming a popular material for both building and furnishing homes today.


There are few mediums that provide the versatility that concrete can. This material can assume just about any shape, simply by pouring the substance into a handcrafted mold. You can create contemporary lines and angles in tables or chairs, or round and smooth the surface for a much softer, traditional look. When you combine the plethora of shapes and designs with an almost unlimited choice of colors, you can see why concrete furniture can make itself equally at home in a traditional or country setting as it does in a modern, urban style.


Whether you place your concrete furniture inside or out, this material is made to last over the long haul. Just try pitting your concrete table against your kids and pets, and see which can hold up the longest! Concrete is an excellent material for outdoor use, because it can easily stand up to the elements if it is properly constructed and protected. You can find concrete in anything from decorative benches and birdbaths to contemporary fire pits. You can also find concrete inside the home with beautiful tabletops and unique chairs.


Concrete furniture provides a high end look to any home. By buffing the concrete surface to a high shine, you can create a sleek, contemporary look to the living room or office. Leave it in its more natural state, and you have the perfect complement to your leather sofa. Concrete can also be treated through a variety of techniques to create intricate patterns in the surface. Your coffee table can become the focal point of your room with a bit of concrete and a talented craftsman at the helm. You can create a piece to fit just about any corner of your room, with a style to coordinate with the rest of your home’s d├ęcor.

In the Office

Concrete furniture is a particularly lovely addition to the office, from conference tables that fit the dimension of your space perfectly, to modern work stations with plenty of storage incorporated into the design. The same advantages of concrete furniture in the home apply to the workplace; infinite design options and a sleek, durable construction that fits in well with most home offices today. You can create a look that will be unique to your business, whether you want a table etched with your corporate logo or a desk constructed in colors to coordinate with the rest of the office.

Concrete furniture is a modern trend with unlimited possibilities. With durability and style, it is easy to see why concrete furniture is a popular choice today.

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