Concrete Countertop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete Countertops.

Q. What are my color choices with Concrete Countertops?
A. Like anything cement based, your options are endless. Cement comes in either a white or grey base and can have color added into the mix as well as to the surface of the hardened concrete. From white to black and every configuration in between.

Q. How durable are concrete countertops?
A. Once cured, concrete is extremely durable, but like any other material the edges and corners are the most susceptible to damage or chipping standard precautions should be taken when working with pots, pans or other items.

Q. Can I cut food on the countertop surface?
A. It is usually recommended that a cutting board or protective surface be used, if not for the countertop at least to protect your cutting blade edge.
Some countertops are sealed and a cut could damage the finish as well.

Q. How much do concrete countertops cost?
A. Most concrete countertops are custom made from scratch and can cost anywhere from $45 to $225 per square foot. You must contact your local professional for specific pricing.

Q. What affects the price of a concrete countertop?
A. Size, Scope and Complexity of the countertop are the major factors that determine the price. Specialty edges, custom insets, embedded items, surface finish and other decorative elements that will require a more talented and skilled installation. Shipment, delivery and installation also play a role in the price.

Q. What are the advantages of Concrete over other materials like laminate, granite, marble or Corian?
A. Concrete offers a unique hand crafted, custom finish that is not possible with other materials. The colors, textures, and finish are unique and each piece is an original. Concrete is also very durable, heat resistant, timeless, and environmentally friendly.

Q. Are concrete countertop materials the same for interior and exterior use?
A. Basically they can be. The only thing to consider with exterior countertops is that they are subject to the elements. Rain, hail, snow, freezing and sunlight. These factors should be put into consideration when planning and building an exterior grade concrete countertop. Make sure the finish will hold up and the concrete uses colorfast agents to maintain its look.

Q. Do concrete countertops crack?
A. If designed and installed correctly no. Concrete inherently may show surface lesions, but these are not considered cracks. These are expected and desired in concrete as veining is in marble.