Concrete Countertops Offer Form and Function

Over the past few years, concrete has become the material of choice for construction and design experts looking for countertops with the perfect mix of form and function. Concrete’s unique characteristics give it a versatility and durability unmatched by any other material on the market. Now, with Buddy Rhodes‘ innovative line of concrete countertop materials, along with his signature training and technical support, concrete countertops can be installed quickly and easily.

Concrete can be molded, textured and colored to give it a completely customized look. There are also several finishing options, concrete countertops can be matte or polished to a high shine, similar to granite.  Whether you’re looking for ultra-sleek and modern, or simple and classic, concrete gives you the flexibility to tailor your countertops to any style.
Concrete countertops are also extremely durable and very low maintenance. Buddy Rhodes’ top quality products ensure your countertop will keep its shape, shine and stain resistance for years to come. 

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