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Expand your business or start a new one in Concrete Countertop Design and Manufacturing

Here are some of the leading concrete countertop training companies in the nation.

Concrete countertop trainers provide information about each phase of concrete element fabrication, which often includes hands-on experience. Most trainers provide experience in various areas of pre cast and cast in-place concrete countertop, tabletop, vanity and and other decorative concrete casted elements and projects.

Gaining knowledge of materials, forming, mixing and placing the concrete mix, finishing techniques, Polishing, colors, sealing, maintenance and business tips.

Concrete Countertop Training Companies
Concrete Encounter Training: Concrete experience is helpful but not necessary. The two day Countertop class will include both studio cast and cast in place techniques. enCOUNTER Professional Countertop system will be used by the students in hand’s on training. Attendees will use enCOUNTER reusable enFORMS & the new single use smooth edge rails and sink molds. Attendees will use enCOLOR, enMAGIC, Sedona Concentrate Acid Stain, SS Rainbow System, enPOXY, enSPARTIC and probably lots more. Attendees will learn to about sink and range block outs, backsplashes, reinforcement, mixing, admixtures, special effects, sealing and Thin Wall Technology.

Boot Camp Concrete Countertops: We will take the guess work out of Cast in Place Concrete Countertops. You will be working on start to finish applications in a complete kitchen setting, as well as your own individual countertops that you are welcome to take with you once the training is complete. Introduction to Pre Cast Concrete countertops. Fixture and Sink applications will be covered as well as polishing and color techniques.
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Something Better CO. :Covers All the Methods, Techniques and Trade Secrets used in the Decorative Concrete Countertop Industry as well as Our Own Exclusive Methods, and Raw Material Formulations to efficiently construct Solid Pour Countertops or Overlays over Formica or Tiled
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