Concrete Countertop Tools

Concrete Countertop Tools and Supplies

Perfect your concrete countertop installations with concrete finishing tools and supplies from Concrete Countertop Solutions. Their full line of concrete countertop products includes concrete mixes, stains and edge forms; as well as finishing tools like magnesium and wooden floats.

Magnesium floats are a light float and the most popular choice among professionals. Magnesium smooths the surface of fresh concrete and opens the pores for proper evaporation without pulling the surface.

Wood floats create a rougher surface profile and are also useful for applying shake-on color hardeners, which need to be worked into the top surface of the slab.

Other concrete countertop tools that are a must when pouring countertops are:

DiamondPadsBottom__67385.1378477184.190.125 Diamond Polishing pads: From course to fine, these polishing pads are ideal to add a shine or any level of gloss to a hardened and cured concrete surface.  Starting with a rough grit and slowly progressing to finer and finer grits will create a smoother and smoother surface.

IMG_0977__27351.1433508243.190.125 Wet angle grinding polisher: This concrete countertop tool is the power that drives the diamond polishing pads.  It is specially designed to be used with wet polishing and comes equipped with a water flow valve and grounding for safety.

Trowel164__73650.1339179729.190.125 Steel Trowel: If polishing concrete during the setting phase is your desire, than the concrete countertop tool for the job is a Steel trowel.  This trowel can bring the moisture to the surface and allow you to polish out the curing concrete to provide a hard troweled smooth finish.

For more info on concrete countertop tools, supplies and countertop edge forms, visit Concrete Countertop Solutions.