Concrete Coloration Products

Concrete Coloration Products

The days of grey concrete are behind us. Colored concrete is standard issue now that we have so many options to choose from. Whether it is coloration placed into the concrete when wet or a surface coloration system added after the concrete has cured or perhaps a combination of both.

Coloring concrete allows us to use this diverse material as a finished decor option as well as create a unique design element for a home or business.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common coloration options for concrete and cement based finishes.

Acid Stain & Reactive Colorations: These stains are designed to etch into the concrete reacting chemically and depositing their color to permanently stain the cements surface. Only available in earthy natural tones.
Concrete Dyes and Stains: Dye/stains are not reliant on a chemical reaction to deposit their color so more control is possible as well these dyes are available in unlimited color ranges and dilutions making it possible to mimic acid stain colors or create a totally custom color.
Acrylics & Paints: These concrete coloration systems not only add a color but seal the surface as well, an acrylic or latex paint or stain provides some degree of hide while coating the surface with a pre- determined color.
Integral Concrete Colors: Used while the concrete is wet, integral concrete colors are added into the mix, available in both wet and dry pigments as well as custom color batches.
Surface Dry Shake Color Hardeners: Broadcast onto a wet concrete surface color hardeners are a great way to harden and color a concrete’s surface without the need to color the entire slab.
Metallic Finishes: Often dispersed in epoxy or acrylics metallic coloration systems give the allure of metal while providing the base or substrate in concrete.
Special Effects Colors: Epoxies, metal flake, sparkle and special effects are possible with specialty coloration systems and products.


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