Concrete Countertops vs Granite

There are numerous materials that people consider for their countertops, with concrete and granite being the two premium top and most  popular choices. These two are frequently compared to each other, and for good reason, as either can look attractive and be highly durable. In fact, both granite and concrete countertops will be incredibly sturdy and durable so you are not likely to have to replace either option for a long time. There are many other differences, however, that may just give concrete an advantage.


Most people realize that granite countertops are one of the most expensive options. This material is pricey to get, meaning that making a counter made of granite will make it hard to stick to your budget. Concrete comes with a wide price range, and it is possible to make it as expensive as granite countertops or also a cost effective alternative, the choice is yours!.  With granite you pretty much have to go to a fabricator to get the edges done, the granite cut and polished as well as transported.  A large slab of granite can start off at a price of 200-300$ and then go up.  It is the labor and time and tooling to make and install it custom that raises the price.   With concrete you can put in the sweat equity and buy the materials for 200-300$ but then install it yourself!


Granite is a beautiful material, but it is hard to customize other than trying to cut it into a different shape. Concrete, however, can be customized in an incredible number of ways. You can pick the shape you want with countertop forms from Concrete Countertop Solutions and then simply pour the concrete. This also gives the chance to create great edge details; make sure you include liners in your research of how to make concrete countertops. There are also endless color combinations available for concrete as well as the ability to add chips or other elements into the material’s surface. You can even add inserts or inlays to create a completely custom countertop that fits your decor and style. In fact, a good compromise for those who can’t pick between concrete and granite countertops would be concrete countertops that have been stained to look like granite.


Both concrete and granite are known for being easy to clean, making maintenance for either countertop simple. Concrete has yet another advantage in that you can seal it. If you do this, the countertop will be able to resist stains as well, something you cannot get a granite surface to do. You don’t need any special tools to clean a concrete countertop, just some soap and water.