Commercial Countertops

The Versatility of Commercial Concrete Countertops
Commercial concrete countertop fabricators offer an array of countertop solutions for a variety of industries including retail shops, restaurants, bars, lounges, office space, lobbies, reception areas, and others. They can create simple concrete products, or decorative aesthetically-pleasing designs all fabricated out of concrete. They can produce eco-friendly solutions by using salvaged or recycled materials as extremely decorative accents in the concrete countertop. This includes recycled colored glass, dinnerware, and even broken pottery.

Durable and Strong
For a commercial project, concrete used for countertops offers significant benefits. Countertop fabricators pair durability and strength with a high level of decorative style and versatility. Fabricators can blend in concrete sinks or other components to the countertop to enhance its beauty and functionality.

Commercial concrete countertops utilizes the best of a modern material by providing a heat resistant, stain resistant, and scratch resistant surface that remains strong enough to hold up well against the day-to-day rigors of outdoor or indoor use. It also offers nearly endless opportunities in design potential. It can be fully customized with colors, textures, shapes, sizes and decorative features.

Commercial concrete countertop fabricators typically work in a collaborative effort with architects and interior designers to meet the needs of every project. Large projects can be built on site, or designed in smaller pieces and fabricated in the shop under controlled environments.

Classy, Durable Designs
Designers and builders have long understood that concrete countertops along with concrete sinks and other decorative components serve as a viable solution to meet their needs. Reception desks fabricated out of concrete add a high-level, sophisticated element to the room that is sure to impress customers and clients. Concrete sinks utilized for commercial spaces are a classy, durable touch.

Bars and lounges utilize customized concrete countertops as a way to create the ideal environment for their patrons. Concrete tables can be fabricated in an aesthetically-pleasing design that is both durable and strong for outdoor and indoor spaces.

Endless Design Possibilities
Utilizing concrete can create an impact unlike any other available material. Based on the concrete artisan, the product is not bound by traditional colors and shapes. It offers the ideal countertop surface that can be cut, textured, stained, etched or polished. It can instantly create a classic or elegant feel to any commercial property or application. It offers a low maintenance, durable solution in a variety of commercial applications in almost every enterprise.

Commercial concrete countertops work well in kitchen and bath areas, and can be blended in with vessels and sinks. In addition, they can be blended with concrete surrounds or water features.

Concrete artisans use the material as a way to create functional art. It offers a refined, unique appearance that can be crafted in an endless array of palette colors. Many contractors, architects, interior designers and fabricators use concrete as a way to uniquely customize the requirements of their clientele.

In addition they can create a variety of other components to maximize the beauty of the concrete countertops, tables, sinks, fireplace surrounds, and others.

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