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Polished Commercial Concrete

Kansas City Polished Concrete Contractor

Polished concrete provides a luxurious surface finish perfect for a variety of commercial and residential applications. Here are a few of its many benefits:
  • Cost-effective - requires less material and installation cost than typical flooring
  • Eco-friendly - wastes less and increasing energy efficiency
  • Durable - concrete is very resistant to vehicular and foot traffic, as well as water, … Continue Reading ››

Kansas City Stained Concrete Contractor

Create beautiful, inviting and luxurious floors with stained concrete by Kansas City stained concrete contractor, Flooring Evolutions. Stained concrete is completely customizable, environmentally friendly and low maintenance, making it an ideal flooring solution for any area of your home or business. Flooring Evolutions can custom design and install any type of stained concrete, stamped concrete, polished … Continue Reading ››

Add Style to Your Space with Decorative Concrete

Flooring Evolutions Decorative Concrete Enhance your home’s interior or exterior with decorative concrete flooring, countertops, patios and more by the Kansas City decorative concrete experts, Flooring Evolutions. They create customized stained concrete, polished concrete, stamped concrete, concrete countertops and more throughout the Kansas City area. With … Continue Reading ››