How Is Concrete Furniture Made?

If you’ve ever seen concrete furniture in someone’s home or office, you know just how rich and elegant it appears. Because it’s so beautifully made, most people have no idea its even concrete. Whether a dining room table, chair, desk, or outdoor seating, this type of furniture looks more like expensive wood. So how do … Read more

6 Benefits of Concrete Countertops Over Other Materials

Concrete countertop in Kitchen

When visiting different upscale houses, you probably noticed a large number of them with concrete countertops. When you discover the incredible benefits that this material offers over others, it is easy to understand why. If you plan to build a new house or want to update a kitchen in your existing home, countertops made of … Read more

How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Are you ready to make a change to your residence but are not sure what to do? If so, start by considering an outdoor living space. Start by deciding how you want to use your outdoor space. For instance, you might be interested in a space where you can entertain, one that serves as your … Read more

Getting Creative with Outdoor Fireplace Surrounds

Typically, fireplace surrounds are found inside a home, but thanks to the creativity and innovation of JM Lifestyles, you can have your outdoor living space enhanced in the same way. Just imagine hosting a gathering for family or friends where everyone enjoys a beautiful patio complete with a stunning fireplace and surround. Because outdoor fireplace … Read more

Concrete Wood — A Solid Choice

Wood is a highly prized material for furniture, floors, countertops and more due to its extreme versatility and classically elegant appearance. The issue with wood, however, is that it can be hard to maintain and come at a cost to the environment. Concrete wood aims to solve this problem by offering concrete that truly appears to be wood unless you get close and touch the surface. Many people have their doubts, but this concrete can look exactly like wood.

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Working with GFRC for Countertops

In recent years, concrete has become increasingly popular for indoor projects. While concrete countertops lend themselves well to the popular industrial look, the use of a variety of techniques and hand crafted elements makes them ideal for creating a range of unique styles, custom features and one of kind textures and designs.

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