How to install a thin cement resurfacing system

Airport floor installation

This 8000 square foot floor was installed at the Seattle International Airport over the course of three nights with two experienced decorative concrete installers. The products used were, two thin micro topping coats over a properly cleaned and prepared substrate. Integral color was used on the second coat to give the overall color, but then additional … Read more

How to Acid Stain Concrete

Acid Stain Concrete Floor

Tips for a successful acid stain application: There is nothing more encouraging than coming across a beautiful, naturally colored, mottled and variegated acid stained concrete floor that has stood the test of time. With acid staining becoming the standard when choosing a way to color and finish a concrete slab, we might ask ourselves: How … Read more

Procedure on how to acid wash or acid etch concrete


Acid washing vs Acid staining First, let’s clarify something: acid washing concrete or cement is quite different than how to acid stain . Although these terms are often confused, they have two different uses and outcomes. “Acid” when refering to concrete usually means muriatic acid or hydrocloric acid. This type of acid is used to etch or ‘burn’ … Read more