Concrete Flooring

Interior Concrete Floors

Once created solely for outdoor use, decorative concrete floors have quickly, and exquisitely, become the interior floor décor of choice amongst home owners from coast to coast. Due to their solid nature, numerous design concepts and practical applications, property values increase dramatically after indoor decorative concrete flooring is applied, usually spurning homeowners to also apply … Read more

How to Acid Stain Concrete

Acid Stain Concrete Floor

Tips for a successful acid stain application: There is nothing more encouraging than coming across a beautiful, naturally colored, mottled and variegated acid stained concrete floor that has stood the test of time. With acid staining becoming the standard when choosing a way to color and finish a concrete slab, we might ask ourselves: How … Read more

Basement Floors

Basement Concrete Floor Ideas

Your subterranean playground, pool room, laundry center and teenager bedroom deserves an excellent overlay conducive to your upper living area.  Thanks to innovations in concrete science, basement floors now benefit by having decorative concrete concepts applied, bringing boring basements back to life. While the space may go decades unused, adding another game area or fourth … Read more

Maintaining concrete floors

Interior Architectural Concrete Floor Care Procedures [concrete_video] Concrete floors are tough and durable but are not impervious to wear and tear. General maintenance should be done and care should be taken to ensure your investement looks and performs great for many years. *Please Note: The maintenance instructions below are intended for reference purposes only. Always test a … Read more

Basement Floor Options

Options for Basement Floors The best option for basement floors is a stained and sealed floor or resurfaced with a concrete overlay. As I write I am siting in my beautifully built out basement office . My floor is wall to wall carpet which was installed 10 years ago before most people had ever heard … Read more