Epoxy Floor Coatings

Custom installed, accented with each homeowner’s unique touch yet lasting longer than commonly marketed floor coverings, epoxy floors exceed your floor traffic standards by bringing an added dimension of longevity which amasses any other floor covering sold today. More importantly, epoxy floor coverings have resounding benefits unsurpassed by your current floor covering, not to mention … Read more

What Are Garage Coatings?

Garage Coatings Explained Most garage coating systems are comprised of an epoxy and/or urethane coating product which bonds to a concrete or cement floor and dries to a ceramic-like finish. Many epoxies consists of a single or two-component liquid emulsion which, when mixed, is used as a primer, sealant and protective finish. This material lends … Read more

Repairing Concrete Cracks: Epoxies Vs Polyurethanes

Cracks in the Foundation: Epoxies Vs. Polyurethanes Given enough time, foundation walls will eventually crack and while there are a range of products designed specifically for concrete repair, there are generally two main types: epoxies and polyurethanes. While both will do the trick, the answer lies in what you need to achieve when repairing the … Read more

Concrete Staining vs. Painting

Concrete Staining vs. Painting:  Which option is right for you? Concrete is an exceedingly durable material for driveways and patios, but it is not generally thought of as the most attractive choice. Many homeowners who tire of the typical grey shade will be delighted to learn that there are options for adding color to a … Read more

Coating Concrete Garage Floors

Coating Concrete Garage Floors Garage floors may be the most abused surface in a home. They are driven on constantly. Few people think twice about dropping things on them or dragging heavy objects across them. They can be stained with car grease, oil, paint or food. Many times, they were never sealed when first installed … Read more

Choosing Polyaspartic For High Performance Flooring

If you own or manage an industrial property, you might be surprised to find over the years that one of your biggest operating expenses is your floor. If you do not choose extremely durable flooring materials, you may find yourself needing to repair or completely replace your floors quite frequently. If you want to avoid … Read more