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Concrete Countertop Tools

Concrete Countertop Tools Concrete Countertop Solutions Give your concrete countertop the perfect finish with Concrete Countertop Solutions’ concrete finishing tools. With their magnesium and wooden floats, screeds and steel trowels, you’ll have everything you need to craft stunning diy concrete countertops. Magnesium floats are a … Continue Reading ››

Functionality of Concrete Countertops

Functional Concrete Countertops Allow for Personalized Design Concrete continues to be the ideal solution for homeowners, business owners and designers across the US in creating countertops that are aesthetically pleasing and functional in design. The decorative functional features of concrete countertops are used extensively in homes, trendy restaurants, offices and retail stores everywhere. The durability and versatility … Continue Reading ››

Countertops for Retail and Commercial Use

Artistic Commercial Countertops Fabricated Out Of Concrete Businesses can avoid cookie-cutter commercial countertop solutions, and can instead choose creative customized designs that use concrete. At the commercial level, concrete offers a variety of solutions including the embedment of fossils, gems and stones to enhance the aesthetic qualities of the countertop. In addition, metal inlays and personal … Continue Reading ››

Commercial Countertops

The Versatility of Commercial Concrete Countertops [concrete_video]Commercial concrete countertop fabricators offer an array of countertop solutions for a variety of industries including retail shops, restaurants, bars, lounges, office space, lobbies, reception areas, and others. They can create simple concrete products, or decorative aesthetically-pleasing designs all fabricated out of concrete. They can produce eco-friendly solutions by using … Continue Reading ››