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Outdoor concrete table

What to Look for in the Best Outdoor Concrete Table Sealer

Having indoor concrete countertops and tables properly sealed is always important, but it is especially critical for outdoor concrete surfaces. Whether for your home, bar, restaurant, or other type of business, you want to choose the best outdoor concrete table sealer, otherwise, outdoor concrete will experience premature wear and tear, not only from use … Continue Reading ››
Concrete countertop with sealer

Top Reasons Why a Countertop Sealer Is Essential

Concrete countertops make great work surfaces in the kitchen, garage, or workshop. However, to maximize the potential of your concrete countertop, choosing an appropriate sealer is essential. Choosing the appropriate countertop sealer can keep your concrete finish new, colorful, and shiny for years. Because concrete is a porous material, using the appropriate countertop sealer for your … Continue Reading ››

Countertop Sealant: Busting the Biggest Myths

Because concrete is a porous material, when used for countertops, it must be sealed. Otherwise, oil, water, food, and other substances will penetrate the concrete, leaving behind unsightly stains and potentially causing damage. The right sealant serves as a protective layer. In addition to maintaining aesthetics, the countertop will last much longer. Although commonly used, … Continue Reading ››