Blogging your way to success

 Some might ask why do I need to Blog? And who will read it?   Concrete Blogs might not exactly attract a daily following or readership but there are more important reasons to Blog.  There are also important ways to structure and write Blogs for your company.

For example:  If you were to search " Polished concrete floors pflugerville" you would notice that the #2 Organic search result comes from a recent Blog we wrote and posted just a few days ago on Fri, 03/09/2012.  

Blogs are a great way to publish relevant keyword rich short articles, stories, case studies or your latest project to the web.  Well written blogs posted on the right websites can provide your company with valuable links, keyword search results and targeted traffic that can lead to new clients!

Here are 3 key things to remember when Blogging:

1. Consistency: Google wants to know that you are providing them with new, fresh content regularly.  Don’t start a blog then forget it.  Keep a consistent posting going either daily, weekly or even monthly, commit to it and do it consistently.

2. Keyword Optimized: Don’t over do it but keep your keywords in mind when Blogging.  The title of the blog and the wording within the blog all play a part of how/where it will be displayed in the search engines.  Try to keep each blog optimized for a specific term or topic otherwise the Blog will be diluted and may not pull any results.

3. Links: Within your Blog use the keywords within it to link to those areas on your website: eg: polished concrete should link your webpage on Polished Concrete information.  They keyword links are much more powerful than links that link from words like "read more".

Blogs are the best way to achieve back links and can greatly impact your front page placement on the search engines.  

Keep in mind if you don’t like Blogging, or don’t know how to get started, we can help. and IDEAS media specialize in Blog Setup, Blogging, link building along with Social Media.  We can help you achieve front page domination like we’ve done with many of your clients already.  We work with Product Manufacturers and Contractors alike.

 Contact us for a free assessment of your online presence or to get started.

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