Benefits of Coating Concrete

After reading about the eco-friendly aspects of concrete, I was compelled to discuss a related topic that was not explored:  concrete coatings. They’re such an easy way to protect the ground below any building, as well as extending the already long life of a concrete floor. The author was certainly correct in noting the green benefits of building with concrete and concrete products such as: 

  • Durability which cuts down on the waste created with throw away or short term products
  • Excellent retention of heat in winter and cool in summer which cuts down on heating and cooling costs
  • The ability to create airtight buildings which also lessens heating and cooling costs
  • The fact that concrete is made from easily accessible and widely available natural limestone as well as other so called waste products such as shale or silica.
There are many more reasons that concrete can be considered an environmentally friendly or green building material option, but it goes even further than that with the application of a garage floor coating. Whether it’s residential or a an industrial floor coating, products like polyaspartic floor coatings will ensure that nothing utilized above can possibly leach through your garage floor into the soil below if spilled. This is a very important fact given the types of products that are normally used in (and dripped on) garage floors. Oil, fuel, and a bevy of other environmentally toxic fluids can do extreme damage if they are absorbed into our soil and ground water and with an unsealed concrete floor, you cannot guarantee that this won’t happen.
Once you seal your concrete floor, you have very simply and economically created an impregnable barrier to the ground below.
Concrete is an excellent eco-friendly building material. Adding a polyaspartic or similar garage floor coating means that you’re making a good green product even better.

Article courtesy of HP Spartacote®

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