Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Concrete floors are everywhere. They can be found in commercial buildings, industrial warehouses, garages, showrooms, factories, and many other residential and commercial properties. Just because these flooring systems are common and practical does not mean that they have to be dull or unoriginal. Epoxy concrete coatings provide contractors with options.

Applying an Epoxy Coating to a Floor

What many contractors love about concrete coatings is that they are extremely easy to apply, and installation does not require a lot of labor or time. The coating is applied directly to cleaned and prepared concrete floors. Depending upon the design goals, the epoxy might first be blended with a custom or standard color that will produce a uniform color for the new flooring system.  It is then poured into place, squeegeed and back-rolled.

 Why Epoxy Coatings and Concrete Sealers Are a Great Choice

There are many advantages that come with using a concrete coating and/or sealer:

It Looks Great

As mentioned, it is possible to add numerous different colors to the coatings, or you can add a custom logo or design, You can also add color flake or quartz for additional design and durability.

Epoxies can be 100% Solids and considered a fairly non-toxic concrete sealer, because there won’t be any harmful VOC emitted from solvent or off-gassing.

 Seamless Surfaces Are Easier to Maintain

Epoxy floor coatings are very popular choices not just for factories and warehouses, but also for hospitals, laboratories, and buildings used in the food industry. This is because the seamless structure of the floor prohibits dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants from becoming trapped anywhere.

The concrete epoxy sealer applied to the floor may also be water or chemical resistant to further make cleanup easier than ever before.

You Can Improve Safety on Your Property

Epoxy floor coatings obviously increase safety by improving cleanliness and sanitation, but they also provide safer environments in other ways. First, the smooth surface can be extremely beneficial for buildings in which people will be moving heavy equipment or machinery. There will be no seams or cracks in the floor acting as trip and fall hazards.

You might be thinking that a high-gloss floor may not be a trip and fall hazard, but it could be a slip and fall hazard. Concrete sealers can address this problem by providing a great sheen, while also having anti-slip additives included, providing traction.