Finishing Basement Flooring

Concrete Basement Floor
Stained Concrete Basement Floor

Your subterranean playground, pool room, laundry center and teenager bedroom deserves an excellent overlay conducive to your upper living area.  Thanks to innovations in concrete science, basement floors now benefit by having decorative concrete concepts applied, bringing boring basements back to life. While the space may go decades unused, adding another game area or fourth bedroom with stylish flooring could significantly increase your home’s worth for far less than you’d expect.

Many over-the-counter acid stains exist which allow home owners to easily transform rough basement floors into spectacles of beauty.  Some use Quikrete concrete stains before applying their acidic color choices, others prefer Krystal Kote.  Why stop there when professional basement concrete pros can marbleize your floors forever?

Beautify Your Basement, Increase ROI

Many realtors have been polled, and will concur, that investing in basement concrete beautification ranks nearly evenly with remodeled kitchens and bathrooms when home owners seek ways to increase return on investment.  Should your family choose to sell their home later down the road, or wish to extend their current livable space, consider taking the decorative concrete idea and apply wonderful designs to basement floors for an incredible look down below.

Also, consider this: Can you honestly say you’ve turned your new linoleum basement floor into an artist-inspired canvas ready for your creative patterns? Try acid staining your floor coverings, and the bill to remove materials – not to mention the chemical reactions which acid and vinyl will set off – will be tremendous.

Myths Associated With Basement Decorative Concrete

While common perception is that carpet is much cheaper to maintain than decorative concrete, we’re here to debunk that myth, and several others, concerning basement decorative concrete coverings.

  • Carpet will not emit the chemicals that epoxies or acid stains will. While the layman may believe carpet is safer than applying stains to concrete, think again: new carpet has the ability to emit chemicals into the air which are hazardous enough to cause illness.
  • Decorative concrete stains are too slippery for basements. Construction-grade products like SharkGrip are added to the compound which will overlay your floor.  So homeowners can enjoy basement beautification while significantly lowering slip risks – not that vinyl or linoleum was any more or less ‘slick’ already.
  • It’s useless to beautify an area where cracks usually begin. Calcium is usually added to concrete to increase its crack-free lifespan, yet all concrete will eventually shift with our earth’s hidden activities.  Inside, outside or in your basement, decorating your concrete will have longer lasting effects than traditional floor coverings which are usually ready to be changed every 10 years.

Did we mention that basement concrete can be decorated over, and over, to fit new homeowner décor needs? Don’t live with that ‘scary room downstairs’ any longer – decorate your basement floors stylishly by hiring concrete contractors who’ll transform the scary into something posh.