How To Install an Epoxy Garage Flake System

The basic premise behind a color flake epoxy system is to create a random speckled pattern of multiple flake colors giving an overall uniform appearance but without the consistent monotone effect of a painted or single color. This helps in hiding small debris, dirt, chips or dust which may end up on the floor. The … Read more

Stamped Concrete Vs Pavers

┬áThe advantages of Stamped Concrete over Brick, Stone and Pavers Brick, concrete pavers, and cobblestones can look incredible, but their inherent flaw is that the surface is created with many interlocking pieces and causes them to be susceptible to frost-heave, and can cause them to lift, sink and become displaced over the course of the … Read more

Tips for Concreting in Cold Weather

Concreting in Cold Weather What You Should Know Concrete and cold weather are not the best of friends. If concrete freezes before it gains strength, then it can be damaged. And when concrete sets in cold weather, the hydration reaction can be halted, which results in concrete that does not have sufficient strength.Keep in mind, … Read more

Designing With Diamond Polished Concrete

Although by now we know polished concrete is extremely durable. We might now ask what are the design options? Based on your situation here are some options: Option 1: There is already concrete poured. Option 2: No concrete has been poured. Option 1: There is already concrete poured. If concrete is already poured or perhaps … Read more

Concrete Patio Design Options

Options for backyard concrete patios To create an area to read, lounge, cook, entertain, decorate and simply get away. A concrete patio is just the beginning of what could become your favorite room outside the house. A Concrete patio is the foundation of things to come. Creating this template on which you will build your … Read more

What is Stenciled Concrete?

Stenciled Concrete It is easy to be fooled by stenciled concrete. The recently developed materials and processes make it nearly impossible to differentiate a stenciled slab from actual masonry work. The stencils are made with heavy-duty professional paper and come in rolls of up to 1,000 square feet. They are cut into matrix patterns and … Read more