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Custom Concrete Furniture: Enhancing the Aesthetics of Homes Throughout New Jersey

When buying new furniture, most people automatically think of wood, wicker, and fabric. While there is nothing wrong with those choices, homeowners in New Jersey have another more exciting option in the form of custom concrete furniture. Initially, this type of furniture might sound cold and uncomfortable. However, it looks gorgeous, provides high functionality, and … Continue Reading ››

What Concrete Countertop Mix Is, and How to Choose the Best Product

  Concrete countertop mix is a product manufactured and sold to contractors, installers, and do-it-yourselfers. Although some people make their own mixes, manufactured mixes are easier to use and provide a foolproof outcome. There are different types of mixes specially formulated for countertops, including:
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Using a Concrete Wood Designed Floor to Enhance a Bed and Breakfast Inn

When talking about a bed and breakfast inn , several things come to mind, warm, cozy, inviting, and homey. Regardless of the inn’s style and décor, most have rich wood furniture and flooring. Unfortunately, there is a major financial investment for installing real hardwood floors, not to mention they scratch and must be carefully maintained. … Continue Reading ››