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Woodform by JM Lifestyles

Using a Concrete Wood Designed Floor to Enhance a Bed and Breakfast Inn

When talking about a bed and breakfast inn , several things come to mind, warm, cozy, inviting, and homey. Regardless of the inn’s style and décor, most have rich wood furniture and flooring. Unfortunately, there is a major financial investment for installing real hardwood floors, not to mention they scratch and must be carefully maintained. … Continue Reading ››
Outdoor concrete table

What to Look for in the Best Outdoor Concrete Table Sealer

Having indoor concrete countertops and tables properly sealed is always important, but it is especially critical for outdoor concrete surfaces. Whether for your home, bar, restaurant, or other type of business, you want to choose the best outdoor concrete table sealer, otherwise, outdoor concrete will experience premature wear and tear, not only from use … Continue Reading ››
Concrete countertop with sealer

Top Reasons Why a Countertop Sealer Is Essential

Concrete countertops make great work surfaces in the kitchen, garage, or workshop. However, to maximize the potential of your concrete countertop, choosing an appropriate sealer is essential. Choosing the appropriate countertop sealer can keep your concrete finish new, colorful, and shiny for years. Because concrete is a porous material, using the appropriate countertop sealer for your … Continue Reading ››

Impressing Guests with Custom Concrete Solutions in New Jersey Hotel Lobbies

First impressions at your hotel can greatly impact guest experience, so dazzling them in the lobby goes a long way toward enhancing their overall experience. Custom concrete solutions for both surfaces and furniture, such as WoodForm Concrete, are designed to impress. Stylists with JM Lifestyles of New Jersey have even produced concrete formations designed to … Continue Reading ››