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Pouring Placing and Finishing Concrete in Cold Weather

Concrete placing and Finishing in Cold Weather When deciding on placing concrete in a cold weather environment it can be done successfully but there are a few things you should should know and understand to have a long lasting concrete slab. The negative impact of cold temperatures on concrete can be avoided if done correctly. Newly, fresh and … Continue Reading ››

How to install a thin cement resurfacing system

This 8000 square foot floor was installed at the Seattle International Airport over the course of three nights with two experienced decorative concrete installers. The products used were, two thin micro topping coats over a properly cleaned and prepared substrate. Integral color was used on the second coat to give the overall color, but … Continue Reading ››

Custom designs for concrete

Taking your surface to another level

Includes topics such as: Diamond cutting, scribing, Sand blasting, etching, stenciling, and embossing. The reasons for creating an artistic pattern, border or stencil vary, but one thing is for sure decorative concrete will never be the same. When a simple colored concrete floor just won't cut it and your budget allows for … Continue Reading ››