Austin Patio and Pool Decking Company Keeps Safety in Mind

Yes, choosing concrete as the building material for your pool deck or patio is a brilliant idea – it’s affordable, durable and eco-responsible. However, there are some serious safety considerations to keep in mind when it comes to concrete surfaces, as you would not want a child – or anyone for that matter – to slip on your wet concrete and get hurt. Sure, accidents happen, but an accidental fall on concrete could transition into permanent damage….

Thanks to innovative concrete companies like Sundek of Austin (serving Round Rock, Pflugerville, West Lake and surrounding cities) there is a solution to potentially dangerous concrete: It’s a substance that is made of Portland cement, epoxies and silica sand; and, when applied to either old or new concrete surfaces, adds incredible slip-resistance when wet. The top coating can be textured for even more traction, and decorative elements can be applied to the surface. Your concrete pool deck or patio can resemble stone or brick pavers, but be safer and more affordable. Not only are Sundek products used for safety compliance, they are also utilized for concrete repairs and resurfacing of driveways and outdoor living areas.

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