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Adaptive Concrete Polishing in Toronto

Call on Adaptive Concrete Polishing for a Better Floor

If your business needs a better floor, the only company in Toronto you should think about calling is Adaptive Concrete Polishing. Our company handles everything from installation to staining to sandblasting in Toronto. Before you pay more or get sold on an option that isn’t ideal, let Adaptive Concrete Polishing explain how we can help.

Unrivaled Certifications

Any company can talk about their experience in terms of years. At Adaptive Concrete Polishing, we prefer to prove what we can do through our actual certifications. They include:

  • Ucrete Urethane Mortar
  • Zeraus Epoxy Systems
  • Ardex Moisture Control Systems
  • Ardex Pandomo Concrete Systems
  • RapidSet TRU Self Leveling Systems
  • Elitecrete
  • Colormaker
  • UVolve UV coatings systems for concrete

No matter what you need for flooring, then, rest assured that we can provide it, whether it’s anything from a coat of epoxy to sandblasting. Toronto properties are all unique, which is why we offer every service they could possibly need.

Furthermore, only Adaptive Concrete Polishing can claim to be the Ardex preferred installer for the entire Toronto area when it comes to underlayment or decorative systems. We can also provide these services for Mapei.

Epoxy Coatings

Speaking of the services we offer, one of the most popular, for commercial properties, is epoxy applications. Everyone knows that concrete may be one of the most durable substances you can use for your business’ floors. However, that’s not to say that even concrete doesn’t need help at times. To ensure your concrete floor never gives up on you, let Adaptive Concrete Polishing apply epoxy to it.

This amazing substance is not just great for withstanding pressure and impacts, it’s also flame and chemical-resistant, which is why so many businesses in Toronto rely on it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up on function for all this fashion. We can make your epoxy look even better thanks to our acid staining and polishing services. Our staff has done both of these countless times for:

  • Metallic epoxy floors
  • Broadcast
  • Mortar Systems
  • Flake Floors

Of course, if your concrete floor has already seen better days, we’ll start first with sandblasting. Toronto businesses often have a thin layer of debris on their floors that needs to be removed—even if it otherwise looks fine—or the epoxy application will be flawed. Fortunately, amongst other things, we excel at sandblasting.

Toronto Repair Services

Like we just mentioned, even concrete can become damaged, especially if it’s flooring for a warehouse or shipping dock. This doesn’t mean you have to make room in your budget for a brand new floor though. Instead, let Adaptive Concrete Polishing show you how affordable and effective repairs can be. Even if your business is operating in below zero temperatures, we have the materials for this specific environment.

These examples are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of our services, but hopefully you see how we can help. From installation to repair to sandblasting, your Toronto floors will look amazing when we’re done with them.