Why Use Concrete Sealant?

Building new countertops can be an expensive project, even if you do most of the work yourself. This being the case, many homeowners look for easy ways to cut costs. While there is nothing wrong with saving a little money, you definitely do not want to skimp on your concrete sealant.

Why Spring for a Quality Concrete Sealant?

One of the final steps in any concrete project is to seal the concrete to protect it against stains, abrasions, liquid, and impact. You can certainly find inexpensive concrete sealers on the market, but choosing a low-quality sealant is not worth the risk. Below, you will find an overview of the top three reasons why you should pick a high-quality concrete sealant, even if it costs a little bit more:

  • Deep-penetrating. A high-quality concrete sealant will do more than just sit on the surface of the concrete – it will penetrate into the concrete to provide the maximum degree of protection. Low-quality concrete sealants may not penetrate into the concrete, or they will fail to do so evenly, which will leave you with an inconsistent final appearance. Low-quality sealers may also require multiple coats whereas a high-quality sealant will usually only need one
  • Durability and safety. When you apply a concrete sealant to your concrete countertops, it should serve several important purposes. For one thing, it will protect the surface against heat, stains, and scratches as well as UV degradation. A high-quality sealant will also make the surface food-safe and resistant to bacteria. Low-quality sealants may not offer all of these qualities or will do so to a lesser extent. A low-quality sealant might also chip, flake, or bubble while a quality sealant will not.
  • Easy to recoat. Even the most durable concrete countertops need to be resealed every couple of years to ensure maximum stain- and scratch-resistance. The problem with low-quality sealers is that they may leave an uneven surface or wear down more quickly. High-quality sealers are designed to last a long time and to make the possibility of resealing easier and more practical.