Tile Floor Resurfaced with Duraamen

Installing a concrete overlay over tile

The question is can you install a concrete or cement topping system over a tile floor?  Well the answer is yes!  Although not all products are designed to be used over tile Duraamen has a system ideal for tile overlays.

Param 5500 was used to over ceramic tile without removing them…few tiles that were loose were removed and fixed before pouring Param

The Restaurant is: Naya Express, 688 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10017

Like any coating material, it is important to have the right surface prep.

Surface preparation for tile could involve sanding, bead blasting or grinding but the ultimate goal is to remove any heavy gloss and make the surface clean and easy to stick to.

It is also important to remove replace or repair any and all loose tiles.  The Duraamen coating system is only as good as the substrate it is applied to, so make sure everyhting is stable and secure.  For complete details contact Duraamen

When would you install a concrete or cement coating over tile?

  1. When the tile is well bonded and secure
  2. When the cost of removal is a factor
  3. When time is a factor and quick turnaround is required.
  4. When heights must be maintained.



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